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The 4 E's of Marketing

The 4 E’s of Marketing help deliver value through messaging that will impact your audience. By keeping your framework simple, you allow space for depth in thought for yourself and your potential customers. So, what are these 4 E’s of Marketing, you ask?

  1. Empathy – Show emotional intelligence towards the recipient of your message, meeting them where they are with exactly what they need. Using empathy in your marketing helps your audience develop a connection with you and activate their hearts. A great example of this is the Google Super Bowl ad from 2020.

  2. Education – Your audience wants to learn something and if you are the one to teach it to them, then they will come to view you as trustworthy, reliable, and helpful. Content marketing aimed at helping people be better sets you up in this coveted position.

  3. Entertainment – People will be drawn in by stories of overcoming challenges, comedy, and thrill. This is why reality TV and watching the lives of influencers on social media is so popular. You can do the same thing in your space as well, inviting people into your story or the story of someone impacted by your business.

  4. Execution – No matter your personality type, everyone loves to check things off of their lists. Pieces of content that include checklists or steps that help your audience reach that next goal or conquer a difficult problem will get them into a pattern of micro-commitments and ultimately make them more productive and successful, and they will have you to thank for it!

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