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Why Would Anyone Want to Buy a Franchise?

Listen: Start With a Win podcast, Why Would Anyone Want to Buy a Franchise?

As an entrepreneur, you have a choice to make: to buy a franchise or not to buy a franchise? To go it alone or to leverage the power of a network? To be in business by yourself or to be in business for yourself?

Motto Franchising President Ward Morrison recently joined me on my Start With a Win podcast to address these points. As part of the team that leads the first national mortgage franchise brand in the U.S., Ward has keen insight into the world of franchising, including:

How small-business owners can be in business for themselves but not by themselves

Why being part of a franchise helps eliminate some of the fear, the trial and the error of starting and running a business

Who benefits from the collective mindset and power of the network

How you can help ensure your business starts with a win (hint: It involves hiring people smarter than you)

Motto Franchising is a member of the RE/MAX Holdings, Inc. family of brands.

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